2023.01.11 Psalms 009 – Praise the Lord when things are bad?

Seriously? Praise the Lord when things are bad? No problem, when things are going well. When we get what we want. But how many of us feel like praising God when things, for lack of a better word, suck? If I had a motto for my life, years ago it would have been: life sucks and then you die. Not any more. What changed? And why do I agree with the title, Praise the Lord when things are bad?

Christians are all in for praising God, as long as the music is good, it’s the right kind of music, the volume is just right, and life is good.

With a list like that, and with the adjacent image in mind, do the letters p, r, a, i, s, and e start to fall off the letter tray when our life starts to go off the rails?

I get it, I’ve been there.

It’s hard to even want to praise the Lord when things aren’t going well.

It’s darned near impossibldif ye when pretty much everything’s going wrong.

And yet, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

And the really tough question, isn’t – praise the Lord when things are bad – the right thing to do? Doesn’t God deserve our praise even when life sucks?

Some background on Psalm 9 …

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