Psalm 23 – Fear No Evil In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. The 23rd Psalm says that. But is it for real? Can it really happen? Maybe for King David, who wrote the Psalm. But for us today?

So here’s my question for this Psalm. For today. What about the times when we’re not in the valley of the shadow of death?

What can we do to alleviate fear when things aren’t so bad that the 23rd Psalm comes to mind?

For instance, when you get a letter from the IRS – of whatever entity collects taxes where you live? Or final exams, if you’re s student? A first date? Interviewing for a job. Going in for a performance review. All sorts of things. So just think about various times when you’ve felt some sense of fear, foreboding, or just plain nervousness.

Did the 23rd Psalm come to mind? Probably not.

The Holy Spirit is with us all the time from the moment we’re baptized. And as the background points out, the 23rd Psalm is likely the best-known chapter in the entire Bible. Even lots of non-Christians hear it at funerals they attend for Christian friends.

If it takes remembering something we already know so well to remind us of the fact that He’s always with us, why not begin with this Psalm as a reminder to call on the Holy Spirit always? As we do this more often, and as our faith grows, we will naturally want to learn more about the Holy Spirit.

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