The Problem Of Healing … Or Not Healing … And Being Loved

The problem of healing … or not Healing. And being loved. By God. Healed or not. Thirteen years ago, I wrote something titled, “Healing (or not)”. Back then, it was strictly an analysis of what the Bible said. Now it’s 2023. I’ve had some experience with healing. And with not healing. It’s so much more real when it’s our own life depending on being healed. Or not healed.

At the time, it was a friend who had cancer. Someone who was in the class I was leading. So I knew what was going on with her health.

Now, it’s me with cancer. Almost three and a half years now. Surgery to remove it wasn’t successful. Now I’m about to begin radiation treatment.

I had my planning sessions with the radiation oncologist. The last one was yesterday. Treatment begins in just over a week, after the computer models are built.

There’s also the dreaded (for those of us over 50) colonoscopy coming up in a few days. That’s when I find out whether prostate cancer, wherever it is, is my only problem. Or if they find something else. For those of you who’ve been through it, I’m on the five-year cycle. Not three. But then, not ten either. A previous abnormality made it five.

The problem of healing … or not Healing

So that’s the backdrop for the problem of healing – or not healing. The woman in the original version was not healed. Me? Not yet. Will I be healed? Time will tell.

What follows is mostly the original version. I’ll try to not add too much to it. Somehow, I missed it many years ago when I moved from one hosting site to another, so it’s been many years since it’s been available. But when I started to write something for this “Don’t waste your cancer” series about the radiation prep, I thought about it. Then had to go back through old backups and archives to find it.

The problem of healing … or not Healing … and being loved

Yes, it’s the conclusion for this portion of the series. But there is more.

This one part hopefully shows that God does love us. However, His love does not automatically translate into physical healing. As Christians, we supposedly believe God is Sovereign. He can do what He wants.

But, we also believe God is good. That means, believe it or not, that when God doesn’t heal us something good can still come of it.

However (again with the however), that’s kind of up to us. For better or worse, Jesus left us as His representatives on earth. As the ones to be the light on the hill. To show others what it means to truly follow Jesus.

Therefore, if we don’t pay attention to things like what we just read, it raises serious questions about our being a light to someone else. If we think we deserve physical healing, that’s not what we should conclude from the overall context of the Bible. If we think God has to heal us because our faith is so strong, that’s not within the overall context of the Bible either.

Knowing what Jesus did for me, I don’t want to let him down. I do want to be a light for others to find Him.

Writing this helps. It helps me. Hopefully it helps you or someone you know who can benefit from reading it.

God bless you for reading this far. What will you do with what you’ve read?

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